Asian EBAY Sellers, are selling supposedly HONDA NOS parts but they are actually reproduction and sometimes very poor quality, some don't even fit. We have had many complaints about such parts, I am amazed at how much NOS stuff seems to be turning up in Taiwan, and I never knew so many CB92's made it out there, surprisingly I don't have any CB92's registered in Taiwan. The prices being asked is also very high. Reproduction 253 rear lens have been found to be brittle and crack when fitted. Also 253 rear light alloy plate too thick. I have asked a number of ASIAN EBAY sellers of CB92 parts to send me samples, (Which I would return) for me to recommend the best repro parts on the website, but as yet none have replied to me....makes you think?

Beware of misleading EBAY Item descriptions which say things like "new old stock Honda cb92 c92 c95 quality period pattern part kick-start rubber part#28311-200-000 " or have headings which state "NOS Honda cb92 c92 c95 kick-start rubber" some sellers will say anything to pass off repro parts as genuine Honda. There are so many C92 C95 parts on Ebay now listed as fitting CB92, if you are unsure, Ask someone who knows, most owners who have restored a CB92 will have dealt with this issue. EG: Cylinder heads, CB92 ones have a cast in skull, C92 etc don't, if it's all alloy it's not CB92.