Tail-light Identification

CB92 tail-lights are very similar. All 59 and the first 78 of the 60 models used the 250 tail light from the C70. Late '60 U.S. models used the 255 CA71 units, and after '61 the "253". European and late domestic models used the C71 light assembly, and embossed RR26-3 on the reflector indicates authentication of Ministry of Transport as Rear Reflector.

In the early 60s Honda America  retro-fitted the original, small light assemblies with the 268 CB72 light assembly and a matching bracket,  and was fitted as original equipment on the later CB92s. In the UK after '63 bikes got the "268" tail-light with a Stand-up bracket made only for the CB92

The lamp fitted to all the early lights was a double filament festoon bulb quite fragile and hard to get these days.