• Front 2.50x18 4ply  Rear 2.75x18 4ply
  • Pressure 25lb/in Front 30 lb/in Rear (solo)
  • RIMS

  • Old Part no: CB925401-1 New part no: 44701-205-000 front & rear 18" x 1.60" (WM1) 36 hole

    The CB92 had double butted spokes on the front wheel and single butted spokes on the rear. Double  refers to the thicker sections at each end, and single butted means only one thick section at the bend. (See Pics below) As far as we can tell, this was throughout production. Later supply of spares from Honda, dropped the double butted for the front and used single butted front and rear. So if you got spokes from Honda they had changed, the nipples also changed to  a gold cadmiun plating instead of bright nickel on the early ones. Spokes are Bright Zinc Plate (BZP). For you to identify original Honda, Front spokes have a turned section in the centre whereas the rear are turned for the length after the thicker head section.

                Front & Rear Spokes               Notice difference between front & Rear