This was a race at Fort Breckenridge, Kentucky

Bob's the guy in the middle probably taken in '65 and not developed until '66.

If you think he's dwarfing that CB92 then he is........... after all he's 6'4" must have been a tight squeeze, too tight for us old guys these days, but then when you're young and problem...Follows are Bob's memories of racing a CB92 at Daytona.

"One memory of racing the CB92 was at Daytona in 1964 when I raced a F.I.M. world championship race, I remember this one, quite well there were 27 starters in the 125cc class, we lined up on the starting grid and with the wave of the green flag and a little push of my Boy Racer it fired up and we were off for 15 laps around a 1.6 mile road course which included a small section of the 31 degree banking. I had already determined the little CB92 did not have enough speed to stay upon that steep banking (31 degrees is really steep) so I stayed down in the transition area of the banking, not on the flat and not on the 31 degree part but in between. I remember the fun and the feeling I had riding against world class riders, as usual Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki fielded three bikes each, with the likes of Hugh Anderson of New Zealand with the classic Kiwi bird on his helmet.
About halfway through the race on the back straight, here come those nine factory bikes one right after the other slipstreaming each other, they must have been going 30 to 50 mph faster than I was, their 125s would probably go 100 to 110 mph, mine might go 75mph downhill.
Now for the rest of the story, I worked my way through the field and finished 12, the 11 bikes in front of me were 9 factory bikes and 2 CR93s which placed me 12th, not a top ten but I had my 15 minutes of fame anyway."

Not Bad for a private entrant against those factory boys!





Thanks to Bob McMahon for this contribution