RACE KIT included the following parts:

Meggas, Seat, Wiring Harness, Ex Pipes, Tacho, Starter cover, Alternator replacement, Cam chain adjuster, sprockets, pistons, carburettor, camshaft, coil, spark plugs, shocks, handlebars, brake vent, tyres, footrests, and wired nuts and bolts.

Red race kit seat were available certainly in the US. The red seats were smooth and soft, unlike the suede-like tops on the black ones, but still heat pleated. There were at least two distinct varieties of racing megaphones...maybe up to four, main differences were the length. It is sometimes suggested that the Alloy cylinder was available as a race kit part, this is not thought to be correct, and from what I can tell this part only became available in 1964. A 150cc conversion was available (see advert elswhere) as was scrambles type sump guard and handlebars.  Not every race kit part was shown in the shop manual, or any one catalogue. For example it is thought DID triangle Alloy rims were also available but also not shown in the UK parts books.


Any information about race kit parts is always welcome