Type approval ENGINE Identification Plates

Japanese domestic CB92s up to '60 model, had the plates fixed on to the engine.

I don't know the reason why such plate was necessary in 1960 but then later disappeared.

The plate indicates type approval No. of engine for motor bike category.2.

(Cat.1=up to 50cc, Cat.2=up to 125cc)

Japan Ministry of transport, II-358 and II-1016 were numbered for CB92 Engine and CB92 frame respectively.


There is some confusion from Honda on what carburettor the CB92 has fitted. In the early workshop manual, it is listed as the PW18HA3 and yet the handbook lists the PW20H carburettor, fitted and a 85 main jet. (We believe this is a Typographic error). Honda fitted the following individual size of carburettors for CB92 and CB95 i.e PW18 for CB92 and PW20 for CB95.

Early Carbs have a rounded float bowl and later ones have a Square Float bowl.

We are now of the opinion that all 125cc CB92's were supplied with PW18 Power Jet Carbs.

Any CB92's that are about now with PW20's fitted have either had them fitted by owners or have been upgraded to 154cc and had the PW20 Carbs fitted at the same time.

Parts book information

30th of  November 1958 CB92 parts book shows carb as  CZPW18HOV18A2/01 as the CB92 part no. but no detail on carb parts

1st of July 1960 cb92 parts book shows carb as CZPW18HOV18A3/01 and slide as CZPW18/SA20 as the CB92 part nos.

1st of February 1964 CB92 parts book shows carb as CB923701D-K and slide as CB923701-31 as the CB92 part nos.

15th of November 1966 CB92 parts book shows carb as CB923701D (16100-205-040) and slide as CB923701-31-K (16141-205-004) as the CB92 part nos.

In new 1966 numbering system CB92 and CB95 carbs are identified as middle number 205 and 207 respectively, and a

CYB923701C (16100-205-813) Race kit Carb is offered but no other information is supplied.


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Please check out the engine stand in the TOOLS section

Crankshafts  click to follow link

Follow link for comparison of different cranks and cases as fitted to CB92's. The first crankcase used a crankshaft breather so no tower, the next case was the tower breather type, then the last case with head breather with pipe on top of head, check out comparison.

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Watch out for C92 heads masquerading as CB92