Breaking News November 2016 - CB95 for sale in Japan - Provenence not proved?

We now believe there to be at least six to have survived. The Benly Page would love to hear from any more owners, with engine/frame numbers etc We have no real indication as to the distribution though-out the world, certainly none are thought to have come to the UK. Reproduced here, are two pictures from a Japanese publication called "Japanese Motorcycle History", they show a 1959 and a 1960 version of the CB95. We can only assume they are genuine but, obviously they could be CB92's masquerading as 95's we cannot tell. The specification for the CB95 shows no differences except in the engine department, so the head should be larger than the CB92 otherwise probably no other exterior differences. One point that has been noticed is that it looks as though the tank badges on the later one has only HONDA on them. HONDA collection hall have also displayed a CB95 at a one off exhibition about the Mount Asama races.

Production figures '59 and '60 show approximately 350 units produced.

                                          1959                                                                       1960


1959  Honda Super Sports CB95 (Late Model)    150cc     

This twin 150cc motorcycle was sold for road sports use Base of this motorcycle is C92 which sold last year, but it has additional of 3hp Length 1900mm       Utmost 565mm Height 955mm Between the axis 1250 mm Weight 115kg Air cooled 4 cycle 2 cylinder. 150cc Bore. Stroke. Compression 10.0 MAX power      16.5ps/10000rpm MAX torque -- MAX speed 135Km/h Kick and electric starter. 4 Speed trans. Suspension front leading edge. Rear swing arm.                   Price 165000 yen

1960 Honda Super Sports CB95 (Late Model)      150cc

Difference between '59 model and this model is emblem only. This motorcycle was manufactured for road sports use. The knee-grip rubber is same as a family of CB90. Length 1900mm Utmost 565.. Height 955mm Between the axis 1250mm Weight 115Kg Air-cooled 4 cycle 150cc MAX power 16.5ps/10000rpm kick and electric starter 4 speed trans. Price----

Our sincere Thanks go to our good friend Mr Kozo Kadomoto san, for this translation

LInk to July 1960 CB95 Picture